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Migrating to Data Center

Differences Between Server and Data Center Versions

Tooltips is a fully compliant Confluence Data Center app. In order to provide ongoing support and annual DC compliance certification, we charge a small fee for the app. Otherwise, functionality is identical to the Server version of the app.

How to Migrate to Data Center

If you have the Server version installed, Confluence’s “Manage Apps” screen may incorrectly notify you that there is no DC compatible version of Tooltips. You can switch to the DC version simply by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Manage Apps screen

  2. Uninstall Tooltips (you will not lose any data)

  3. Go to the “Find New Apps” screen and search for “Tooltips”

  4. If you are running Confluence Data Center, you will be able to install and license the DC version of the app

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